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             (St. Thomas is handicap accessible through the front entrance)

Welcome to St. Thomas Episcopal Church. Please take the next few minutes to explore our website and get to know us. We are church with deep roots in the city of Trenton, Michigan. We were founded in 1843 and we are the oldest denomination in Trenton. For over 160 years we have strived to Know Christ and to Make Him Known.           

We are committed to the growth of our congregation as a caring community. The sacraments of our church are provided as a way of helping us move through some of the most important changes in our lives. Baptism, confirmation, the celebration of a marriage, ministry with the sick and burial of the dead; these all represent times in our lives. Through various caring ministries, our church continues to grow as a family and receptive community. We are a place and we are a people.  As a place we provide a setting for worship, study, meditation, fun and fellowship.  As a people we come from all walks of life. Together we seek to explore and express our beliefs and values and to relate them to the world in which we live.

 As you journey through our website and become acquainted with us you will discover our many ministries open to every member of your family. We have the Women of St. Thomas, Women’s Craft Group, Men of St. Thomas, Adult Bible Study Group, our Youth Group the Heaven Raisers, Bible Class and Sunday School for all youth K-12, Adult Choir, Children’s Bell Choir, Altar Guild, Community Thrift Shop, Outreach Committee, Pastoral Care and many, many activities within each of these groups.    

The New and improved St. Thomas Community Thrift Store

You are invited to join us every Sunday as we come together on our journey to Know Christ and to Make Him Known. Through our corporate worship, we unite ourselves with others to acknowledge the holiness of God, hear God’s word, offer prayers and celebrate the sacraments. The participation of the congregation is an inherent part of our worship. All baptized Christians who are in love and charity with their neighbor are invited to receive communion.